Every business needs a brand identity. However, much like having a social media presence is the baseline for effective marketing, a brand identity is only a starting point. Authentic brands perform better than businesses that do not put forth and exemplify a company philosophy or mission.

What’s an Authentic Brand?

An authentic brand starts with a story that shows how a business formed, the values it embodies, and how those beliefs shape the products and services offered to clients. For example, back in 2004 Dove – most noted for their soap and body wash – launched a “Real Beauty” campaign. Instead of promoting an unobtainable fantasy about how people look or what their beauty products could do, they showcased women of every size, shape, and background to promote their products. The end result? Sales skyrocketed from $2.5 billion to over $4 billion (AdAge 2014).

A business with an authentic brand pulls away from selling the fantasy of a perfect world. Instead, they lean into the realities of life, the struggles that face their customers, and then show how their products and services can bring a little joy or help make their lives easier.

Honesty is the Key

An authentic brand is honest. The products, services, and even the business itself, will never put on air or pretend to be something they’re not. Dove sells soap. Hello Fresh offers meal subscriptions. Bombas sells socks. None of these businesses try to market their products as something that will transform people’s lives into something glamorous or free of worry. However, they know how their products fit into the lives of their customers, and will even draw on positive customer feedback to showcase how their products can improve people’s lives, even if it’s just by a little bit. Threading these key points into your company’s philosophy and values resonates with your target audience. Instead of people saying, “This product will make me X,” they are saying, “I see myself in this product and it fits my life.” Authentic brands have more loyal customers, simply because they stay true to themselves.

Authenticity in 2021 and Beyond

The pandemic changed a lot of things for business and marketing that are becoming mainstays now and moving forward. Businesses are getting more traction with people in the digital space, where most people are researching products and companies, and where they can read or watch videos about the stories behind the brands. People are also more receptive to authenticity than fantasy right now. Customers want to know how businesses align with them and how their products fit into their lives. A business that puts forth an authentic brand can achieve greater sales and increase its potential for longevity.

At Outpace, we work directly with businesses to bring forward the stories and values that will resonate on a deeper level with their target audiences. From blog posts and video content to social media engagement, we will help you build an authentic brand. Reach out to our team today to learn more.