The growth of video as a way to reach and communicate with people has grown exponentially over the last year alone. Cisco projects upwards of 80% of web traffic will consist of video as we head into 2021. For businesses to stay competitive and improve ROI, they must embrace video as one of the primary content delivery tools.

Video Is More Than Advertising

Video allows businesses to deliver content beyond what can be conveyed in a blog post or white paper, and video much easier to share and understand. Businesses and organizations running the spectrum from construction companies to manufacturers, medical centers to nonprofits, and everything in between have been implementing video to reach their audiences. While some businesses are leveraging video for the online equivalent of television ad spots, others are using the medium in very innovative ways. For example, explainer videos surged over the past year, allowing businesses to demonstrate how their products and services can be used by new and returning customers. Some businesses have been running video campaigns online to promote their overall philosophy to attract both customers and potential employees. Additionally, video marketing allows businesses to reach their target audiences in innovative ways without breaking the bank.

The Pandemic Is Not Disappearing Overnight

Conducting business in the time of COVID-19 is something we have adjusted to, and it’s not going to disappear with the new year. On top of shifting to e-commerce, businesses across all industries are learning that the easiest way to connect with people is by video. As of October 2021, roughly 90% of customers were more likely to make purchases after watching a video about particular products and services. With conversion rates from video marketing on the rise, businesses that eschew leveraging video are leaving money on the table. Placing videos on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even placing videos on landing pages is a great way to boost both traffic and conversions. As e-commerce gains a larger share year-over-year, video will become one of the dominant content platforms to reach people via computer and across mobile devices.

Thinking Outside of the Camera

Video production in the digital marketing space rarely involves getting live business representatives or actors in a studio for all-day shoots. Marketing studios can put together videos in-house with input from business owners, layer in the appropriate SEO to ensure the video reaches the intended demographics, and deliver quantifiable results. Video production has become more efficient and effective than it was even a year or two ago. This allows video marketing to keep a relatively low investment price while still offering all of the return rewards.

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