More businesses are welcoming pets into the office. During the pandemic, people were working from home and creating stronger bonds with their furry companions. As people transitioned back to the office, employers started allowing dogs to spend the day with their owners. As it turns out, dogs can be great additions to the office environment, especially if you work in digital marketing. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of bringing your dogs to your digital marketing office.

1. Lower stress and blood pressure

Playing and having a furry companion nearby is reassuring. A dog puts everyone in a good mood, which releases endorphins and lowers stress. Pets play a strong role in the release of natural chemicals that are associated with alleviating stress, depression, and anxiety (source: Frontiers in Psychology). This allows employees to relax and focus on tasks. As a side note, dogs feel anxiety when separated from their owners, so bringing them into the office is reciprocally beneficial.

2. Dogs keep people active

Dogs like to be active, and when they need to go out, they will let you know. At the same time, a lot of the work performed in a digital marketing office is rather sedentary. People sit at their desks or in meetings, and long periods of inactivity are bad for your health. Obesity and poor circulation are serious conditions endemic to the office environment. Bringing a dog into the office is a way to tackle two things at once. You can walk your dog and attend to their needs while also improving your activity levels throughout the workday. Some digital marketing offices have even switched to “walking meetings,” where people walk their dogs and toss around ideas instead of sitting in a conference room. Remember, walking for 30 minutes throughout the day can reduce the chances of dementia and heart disease (source: The Mayo Clinic).

3. Dogs inspire creativity

If you are ever stuck for creative inspiration, bring a dog to your digital marketing office. Observe how they interact with other employees, how they play, how they lounge in the office, and the creative juices will start to flow. You may even find your dog becoming part of the creative team, with people taking pictures and videos of your pet for social media marketing posts. Remember the “walking meetings” we mentioned above? Well, being physically active increases creative thinking by up to 30% (source: American Psychological Association) so bringing your dog to your digital marketing office might be the catalyst you and your team need!

Overall, bringing your dog to your digital marketing office is a great way to stay healthy, keep creative, and increase employee engagement among your coworkers. If you want to hear about the successes we have had integrating dogs into our digital marketing agency, contact the team at Outpace.