Digital Advertising and Pay-Per-Click

Digital Advertising and Pay-Per-Click


Digital Advertising in the 21st Century

Like everything else with Outpace, we fully customize digital ad and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns to fit what makes your company unique. Our approach is based upon scaling your spend as we closely scrutinize the return on investment that each campaign is achieving. This helps you spend your budget in an incredibly efficient manner.

If you are currently spending marketing dollars in these areas we can often help you increase your revenues while decreasing your costs per click. While there are multiple channels for paid digital advertising, we know the Google Adwords platform like the back of our hand and is one more way we help you take advantage of the largest search platform in the world.

And these days your business needs a re-targeting campaign to take advantage of those who have previously visited your website. We know exactly how to help you maximize your investment in this space and how to take advantage of traffic that is already ’warm’ to what you have to offer.

This is a highly complicated part of digital marketing that requires very strong analytical skills. Our data-driven approach helps business owners avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes that can occur easily in this space.

Our agency can help with all types of digital ad and PPC campaigns from lead generation, to individual product sales, to overall brand consideration and everything in between.

While we customize everything we do for each client, we make sure to leverage the basics:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword Bid strategy
  • Re-targeting (re-marketing) where applicable
  • Ad creative and copywriting
  • Placement and platform strategy
  • Conversion tracking
  • Daily management and tweaks
  • Budget review and reallocation
  • Regular reports that clearly lay out the status and results of each campaign

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