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Digital Advertising


Digital Advertising in the 21st Century

Like everything else with Outpace, we fully customize all of our digital advertising campaigns to fit what makes your company unique.  Our approach is based upon scaling you spend and maximizing ROI as we closely scrutinize the performance that each advertising campaign is achieving.  This helps you spend your budget in an incredibly efficient manner.

If you are currently spending marketing dollars on digital advertising, we can often help you increase your revenues while decreasing your costs.  While there are multiple channels for paid digital advertising, we can help you evaluate all of the options and pick only those that are most relevant to what you need.  As we often say, you don’t need every solution, you just need the right ones.

Our agency can help with all types of digital advertising from lead generation, to individual product sales, to overall brand consideration, and everything in between.  We have a wide array of solutions and tactics that come with our full-service offering, but in today’s marketplace these 4 solutions can be the most relevant depending on each client’s needs:

Connected TV/OTT– Did you know that today 80% of U.S. consumers have a streaming media subscription?  We commonly refer to this group as the “cord cutters”.  CTV (Connected TV) allows you to target these users with video ads on their SMART TV apps., and OTT (Over the Top) advertising allows you to target users on any of the devices they use today (including mobile and computer) with their streaming media subscriptions.  This approach has the power of TV commercials but it is delivered in a digital way that can be hyper-targeted to where consumers are spending most of their time.  It is like using 100% primetime advertising but without the cost of traditional TV commercials.  CTV/OTT is incredibly trackable and can be targeted by location, demographic and online behavior.  With traditional TV that is not possible.

Video Marketing – According to the latest Borrell Associates Survey, streaming media will by far be the largest growth advertising vehicle in 2021.  We produce compelling HD quality videos and then target the best way to distribute those.  These assets cannot only feed Connected TV/OTT campaigns but we also fully leverage them across other relevant channels, including YouTube (pre-roll and mid-roll), social media networks, Google business listings, etc.  Video is 8X more likely to be viewed and shared than standard media.

GEO Fencing – This is a very targeted and effective form of display advertising and is really growing in its popularity due to its powerful results.  With this approach, your business can place a virtual “geofence” around a physical location you want to target.  This can be a competitor, your location, a venue, a specific part of town, B2B conventions and trade shows and can even be used for recruiting talent.  When a potential customer or recruit enters these geofenced locations, you can then target them with your ads on their devices.  These Ads can be served to potential customers on their favorite mobile apps, Facebook newsfeed, and even as they surf the web. Results are measured by tracking customers who enter your conversion zone or take action on your ad.

Retargeting – As we assess and collaborate with you on your goals, retargeting may be a type of display ad that we recommend. Retargeting sends ads to those who have visited your site, searched for your goods and/or services, or have left a digital trail that indicates they have interest in your goods or services. This solution is typically bundled with other strategies to build brand awareness and drive conversions.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) Google/Bing/Yahoo – Rise to the top of page one and connect with customers who are actively searching for your products and services.  This type of marketing is the intersection of supply and demand, positioning your business in front of customers who are actively in buying mode.  It is still highly effective and has one of the best ROI’s within the digital marketing landscape.

Digital advertising is a highly complicated part of digital marketing that requires very strong analytics.  Our data-driven approach helps business owners avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes that can occur easily in this space.

While we customize everything, we do for each client, we make sure to leverage the basics:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword bid strategy
  • Re-targeting where applicable
  • Ad creative and copywriting
  • Placement and platform strategy
  • Conversion tracking
  • Daily management and tweaks
  • Budget review and allocation
  • Regular reports that clearly lay out the status and results of each campaign

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