Unemployment continues to go down and organizations are not only hiring people, but they are creating additional positions to expand their workforce. Top candidates are being hired within days by companies that understand recruitment strategies. To fill open roles at your organization, consider the following:

Step 1: Create a profile for your ideal candidate

Since the Great Resignation started in 2020, job-seekers have refused to settle for anything less than their ideal positions. To level the playing field, businesses have started creating listings with requirements for their ideal candidates. Create a listing with technical and experience requirements, as well as intangible assets that would fit your company’s culture and vision. Once you have the profile, it is time to roll out a strategy that attracts only the best candidates.

Step 2: Get your value proposition in front of qualified people

Given that people search for jobs online, and the top 10% of those job-seekers find roles in mere days, organizations cannot afford to take a passive approach to sourcing qualified candidates. Part of your recruitment strategy should involve paid advertising. By leveraging LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, businesses can use paid ads to target audiences that would contain people who are qualified and interested in the positions available.

Step 3: Using your own channels to recruit candidates

Every business should have a section for open positions, whether they are actively hiring or not. The value offer and candidate profiles can implement SEO to ensure they rank higher on search results. Your organization’s website should also create blog posts about the open positions or simply what it is like to work there. Do not hesitate to leverage employee testimonials to showcase the positive aspects of working for your company. Additionally, create videos promoting your brand, and the benefits of working for your company. Using YouTube to showcase those videos – or paid ads, as mentioned above – can have a great positive impact on your search rankings, as well as putting your brand in front of the ideal candidates.

Step 4: Email marketing plays a tremendous role in recruiting candidates

When people are looking for new jobs, they check their email diligently to see if there are new notifications and responses from potential employers. Organizations that want to recruit candidates should use this opportunity to create email campaigns and newsletters to reach their ideal candidates. Repurpose older recruiting content or create new pieces to showcase your organization, the positions available, and the benefits of working there.

Step 5: Engage with your candidates

Recruitment marketing is not a one-way street. Engaging with potential candidates is crucial to reaching your goals. If they respond to your ads, email, social posts, blogs, or videos, it is vital that you respond quickly. Remember, your ideal candidate may have quite a few irons in the fire, and they will not hang around to wait for responses before moving on to another potential employer. You can also use engagement as a pre-interview to learn more about your candidates beyond their resumes.

To learn more about recruitment strategies, reach out to the team at Outpace. We work with organizations and staffing agencies in every industry to help them implement recruitment marketing strategies to get the ideal candidates for their openings.