Case Study – car dealer

The Results

Ad Impressions
Inbound traffic to the website
“Ups” – Walk-in Traffic to Dealership

"When we started the GEO Fencing campaign, we saw an immediate increase in showroom traffic. Most importantly, we were connecting and closing new buyers who had never been to our Dealership before"
-- Dealership Owner


Import Dealer was losing market share to competitive car dealerships, which was frustrating as they knew they could beat anyone on price, selection, and customer satisfaction.    They felt their location was a contributing factor, as they weren’t located with the other dealers on the Auto Mile.   Their challenge was connecting with Consumers only shopping the Auto Mile and becoming part of their consideration set as they shopped for a new vehicle.


Leveraging our network targeting capabilities, we implemented a Conquesting strategy using Mobile & Social GEO fencing of 12 other dealerships.   This gave us the ability to target those that were physically walking on the other dealer’s lots, serving them our marketing message on their favorite mobile apps and in their Social Media feed.   We also retargeted anyone who searched relevant keywords or visited the Dealer’s site, staying top of mind with them during their purchase journey.


  • Mobile Social GEO Fencing
  • Keyword Search Retargeting
  • Web, Mobile, Social Site Retargeting


The Dealer’s location was also Geofenced and became the “Conversion Zone”, enabling us to track walk-in traffic of those who previously visited the Competitive dealerships.   In the first 30 days, we tracked 653 prospects visiting the dealership.   The program also increased traffic to the dealer’s website, delivering over 3100 inbound site visits, many of who became a lead after inquiring about a specific vehicle.     In addition, even after the initial 30 day campaign was over, the conversion zone continue to register activity, as previously targeted prospects continued to walk on the dealer’s lot!    As the Dealer said, “this is the gift that keeps on giving”

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