Digital marketing is a very dynamic and fluid space. Businesses and marketing firms alike are always trying to stay ahead of the curve to anticipate market shifts, customer behavior, and the technical needs on the back end to drive traffic and increase sales.

1. Content Alignment Will Take the Lead

In 2022, businesses will need to bring their content, SEO strategies, thought leadership, and promotions into alignment. In plain terms, this means any given business will have to start posting more content, getting that content linked and quoted on other sites and news outlets, and be more transparent about subsidiaries, partnerships, sister sites, and more. Every forward-facing channel will need to be coordinated, so customers can see consistency from the shortest tweet on up to blog posts, videos, and statements from C-suite employees. This will provide better brand identification instead of a loose or scattered approach to marketing.

2. Get Ready for a New Way to Hold Events

The pandemic really disrupted how businesses hold events. Even now, as we edge closer to the two-year mark of lockdowns, businesses and organizations are uncertain how annual trade shows, new product announcements, and conventions will be held. At the same time, clients and the usual even attendees are still hesitant about traveling or being in spaces with large crowds. 2022 will be full of surprises, as businesses create hybrid events by incorporating video, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) into their annual events to capture the in-person audience, as well as those attending remotely. Instead of focusing on a concentrated audience, businesses and organizations will be able to cast a wider net and reach those who want to attend the event from the comfort of their homes and offices. By leveraging VR and AR, businesses can offer experiences to their audiences that go above and beyond simple in-person demonstrations,

3. The AI Revolution Is Here!

There always seemed to be a gigantic rift in the realm of AI. At the basic consumer level, people are used to using AI to edit photographs, improve their writing, and even add effects to videos. At the other end of the spectrum, AI is being used for logistics, monitoring employee productivity, and simulating real-world scenarios to find optimal models for efficiency. Small businesses and even medium-sized organizations never really had much use for AI because the solutions were either clunky, too expensive, or both.

2022 is going to be a game changer for how businesses use AI. Artificial intelligence will handle chats with customers via web interface, it will be integrated with social media posts, and AI can even be used to lay the groundwork for PR content. Additionally, AI applications can use algorithms to become virtual influencers on major social media platforms. By “seeding” AI applications with the necessary information, businesses and organizations will be able to build an automated marketing workforce without breaking the bank.

4. Partnerships with Nonprofits

Customers are doing more research before they decide to make purchases from businesses. They want to know a company’s mission, their ideals, and what causes they support before they open their wallets. The added benefit is that if businesses are transparent and taking actions that align with their mission statements and philosophies, they have more of a chance of gaining long-term customers who will not only make purchases, but support and promote the causes of those companies. 2022 will be the year businesses start engaging with nonprofits to improve society and to take their branding to a new level. A business that is transparent about its partnerships with nonprofits can create promotions that lead to traffic, sales, and further marketing strategies. And in the end, everyone wins.

5. Partnerships with Marketing Agencies Will Reach a New Level

Prior to the pandemic, marketing agencies and businesses had a fairly utilitarian relationship. Marketing agencies were paid to promote products and services, drive traffic and conversions, and increase sales. The relationship has evolved even more over the past two years. Marketing agencies are increasing the overall value of businesses with branding, reputation building, and other services. The game is no longer just about placing tons of AdWord advertisements and social posts. Instead, marketing companies are becoming highly sought after firms that increase market value for organizations and, in some cases, branch out into investments. If businesses want to maintain a competitive edge, they will have to trust marketing firms with a sense of “ownership” over products, services, and branding, and treat the relationship less like going out to get your oil changed. In 2022, marketing firms will bring added value – in reputation as well as monetarily – to their clients’ companies.

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