Covid-19 Response

Our Response to Covid-19


Business dynamics are moving and changing quickly in today’s environment. We are keeping our eye on trends, successes, and strategies to assist our clients and the community at large in any way we can. One of our core principles is adaptability which is now more critical than ever. We are all learning together and will collaborate more than ever on solutions.

These are the 4 areas we have seen become areas of focus:

1. Content still matters, possibly more than ever

  • Ninety-two percent of companies surveyed have adjusted creative messaging for marketing since mid-March, per ANA
  • Hitting the right tone is key – empathy, comfort, support, and community-based is a top priority

2. Communication strategy

  • Frequent updates, open and honest communication with a clear plan of action, both internally (employees) and externally, are the most well-received.

3. Adaptability is key – move thoughtfully but quickly

  • We know each business is different, even those within the same niche industry.
  • Those differences will be even more important as we plan together for operating through Covid and as importantly for the future.
  • If you don’t have a strong digital presence you will need one
  • If you have one, it may need to be altered, both short term and long term (i.e. moving events to online, offering an easy way to purchase online)
  • Plan for the recovery – what we do now impacts your business 6 months from now
  • Revisit your SEO strategy – “who is open during Covid” didn’t even exist as a key search term
  • Revisit your social media strategy – more time is being spent on social media and the results remain
    • generated leads from social media = 74%
    • Improved sales from social media = 72%
    • *development of loyal fans via social media = 71%

Source: Social Media Examiner trend report 2019

4. Rethink Investments

  • Assess short term and long term strategies
  • Review financing options – SBA, CARES act, etc
  • Consider staffing levels
    • leveraging Outpace enables expert “marketing on-demand”
    • we leverage leading tools for a quick analysis and determine the right strategy
    • Campaigns and solutions are delivered via project-based work, eliminating staff investment

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