About Us

About Us


About Outpace Digital Marketing

Outpace Digital Marketing provides results-driven strategies tailored to the needs of our clients
to help them stand apart from their competitors and grow market share.

Yvonne McAteer

Yvonne has over 20 years of experience in collaborating with clients to solve unique business challenges with tailored solutions. Her focus is on designing digital strategies that align with sales and revenue goals to capture business that is being lost, increasing leads, and enhancing brands. Her experience in a variety of markets makes her an expert in client discover and problem-solving:

  • Proven revenue generator in a variety of markets and consumer verticals
  • Expertise in aligning sales and marketing for better results
  • An approach based on listening, building trust, and delivering transparently

Yvonne is dedicated to helping her clients outperform in their respective markets and deliver measurable results. She believes that for small- and mid-sized businesses to compete in today’s environment, they need the right digital strategies, not all digital strategies.

Shawn McAteer

Shawn has spent close to 30 years with a Fortune 500 firm, overseeing every element from brand strategy to customer service design. Shawn has a strong understanding of the driving spirit behind small- to mid-sized businesses, as well as the challenges they face, from his work with franchisees. He is strategic and forward-thinking, and brings the following strengths to every Outpace client engagement:

  • Brand strategy and execution
  • Experience working across varied markets
  • Data-driven insights
  • A drive to instill a common vision and build relationships based on empathy
  • A strong record of managing brand health, growth, loyalty, and market share

“I enjoy working in a results-driven corporate environment, but also understand the challenges facing small- and mid-size businesses. We founded Outpace to help entrepreneurs drive their brands and grow their revenues.”

“We saw a gap in the small- and mid-sizes market for transparent, results-based digital marketing, and that led us to found Outpace Digital Marketing.”

— Yvonne & Shawn McAteer

Yvonne and Shawn understand the importance of an integrated, holistic approach to drive results for clients. For too long, small- and mid-sized businesses have not had marketing solutions tailored to their specific needs , and have had to rely on strategies that only fit large corporations. As a response to this, Yvonne and Shawn have combined their decades of business expertise with a talented team of experts in each marketing discipline so that Outpace can drive results in a much more meaningful way.

About The Team

We have the great fortune of teaming up with a talented group of marketers with more than 100 combined years of experience. The team designs, codes, strategizes, and manages creative campaigns for small independent firms to the big brands you know and love. We have a data-based approach and understand what it takes to plan, design, build, and manage successful, conversion-driving online brand initiatives – what it takes to outpace.

The Outpace Digital Marketing team is comprised of US-based specialists with expert knowledge in content marketing, email marketing, web development and design, search engine optimization (SEO) social media marketing, online advertising, and more. The core team focuses on results that align with your company’s goals and objectives. The team works closely with one another to create, maintain, and report on campaigns that are fit to your needs. They understand the importance of delivering high-quality digital marketing work for small- to medium-sized businesses to help spur business growth.

  • Award-winning designers, directors, strategists, researchers, and tinkerers!
  • We learn, adapt, and refine, and have the proven results to illustrate why this works
  • Data enthusiasts who use data-informed analytics to build beautiful creatives and know how to use it to drive ROI
  • Certified Google Ads & Analytics Partner; Facebook Blueprint certified
  • Managed campaigns across virtually every advertising channel
  • Over 1000 websites redesigned & reimagined
  • Over 1 million pieces of content created

“We don’t treat marketing in a silo, it has to integrate with your overall business strategy.”

— Yvonne & Shawn McAteer

Our Values


We are thoughtful people who care deeply.


We deliver on what we promise.


We are intense about results and constantly adapt.


We make everything simple.


We hope to be part of your business family from day one.


We are transparent in every step of the process.

Our passion is finding creative solutions to business problems

We care about your success. If you are ready to outpace your competition, give us a call or send us an email. We'd love to connect and answer your questions!